Syllables Reading Center's aim is to foster literacy in children and adults who will benefit from explicit, systematic, multisensory reading instruction. The main focus of our mission is to provide one-on-one instruction in a caring and supportive environment by highly-trained therapists. The Syllables Reading Center approach combines research-based reading instruction with personalized attention to help our students build confidence and self-esteem, and reinforce their potential for a lifetime of literacy. The reach of our mission includes training for parents and educators, thus broadening the scope of multisensory reading instruction beyond Syllables.

Our goal at Syllables Reading Center is to create an environment where students of any age experiencing difficulty reading will find well-trained professionals and a program designed to meet their individual needs.

Syllables is designed to address the needs of students who fail to master language skills at the same rate as their peers. Some students learn to read and write easily. However, reading, writing, and spelling do not come naturally for all students. This may be because of a reading disability or because of the methods used in their classroom setting. These students learn only if they are taught intensively with a multisensory, explicit, systematic approach. Studies have shown that months of intensive instruction using such an approach can raise reading skills to levels that may have taken years with traditional methods.